Select Insurance Group was founded in 2002 by Stephen Ludwig. Initially, Mr. Ludwig focused his efforts on the health insurance market, and in 2010 he identified a need within the insurance industry. Select Insurance Group was restructured to specifically cater to clients in need of high-risk auto insurance. Through his hard work, Mr. Ludwig gained nationwide appointments with several different insurance companies allowing Select Insurance to become an industry leader in providing SR-22 and FR-44 insurance to clients coast to coast. The success of Select Insurance Group’s targeted marketing strategies has allowed the agency to grow to include multiple independent representatives in various locations across the nation.
Our goal is to create long-lasting referral partnerships with captive and preferred agents in order to best serve our communities. The agents at Select Insurance Group specialize in finding affordable solutions for high risk drivers, however, we do not have many options when it comes to standard insurance clients. This is why we need YOU! The high risk driver referrals we receive will be handled with care, and in turn, we will send you our business we cannot place. It’s a WIN for both of us.
The agents at Select Insurance Group are specialists in high risk business, and prefer to only write these types of policies. We are looking to build solid and dependable relationships with our partners in the P & C community. Your referrals will be handled ethically, and will be directed back to your agency for anything outside of the high risk market.
Our Agency Relations Manager will contact you once we receive your first referral. You will have a point of contact for all your questions and needs.
We cannot guarantee the amount of referrals you will receive, however, we are looking to build long-term relationships across the country. The more referrals you send to us, the more referrals we will send to you. We can help build your brand within our company to increase both of our books!
Simply enter the information for your referral at http://www.selectinsuranceteam.com/referral-form/. Make sure you include your contact information at the bottom of the form, and our Agency Relations Manager will contact you shortly.