General Motorcycle insurance provides coverage for most types of bikes such as: motorcycles, custom bikes, scooters, trikes,motorcycleinsurance classic bikes, as well as various ATV vehicles. For as many types of bikes that can be insured, there are a variety and extensive list of policies. But don’t worry; Select Insurance Group is here to help explain the various types of insurance and find the best coverage to fit your needs.

When you begin shopping for motorcycle insurance, start by checking your state’s minimum requirements. It is important to know exactly what insurance you will need to ride legally in your state. Although, just because you can ride legally with state minimum requirements doesn’t mean your bike is fully covered in case of a accident.

Motorcycle insurance laws vary from state to state. All states, however, require a minimum of Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Coverages. In the case of an accident these coverages provide benefits to pay claims against the policyholder if he or she is found legally responsible for causing the accident.

You’ll also want to consider: ­

  • Adding comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Adding accessory coverage if you want to insure parts such as sidecars and custom electronic devices
  • Adding Uninsured motorist coverage