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Exotic Cars & Collector Imports Insurance Coverage

Exotic cars & collector imports need specialized insurance—to protect your investment and allow you to continue to enjoy your vehicle. Get your comprehensive exotic collector car insurance policy with an insurance companies that care about your car just as much as you do.

  • Flexible mileage plans that let you fully enjoy your ride
  • Discounts for safe drivers, garage security, and high-value import vehicles
  • Agreed Value protects your import against a covered total loss

Agreed Value

Have peace of mind from assurance of knowing how much you will receive for your exotic or import car after a covered “total loss” claim. Agreed Value coverage means that, in the event of a covered accident determined to be a total loss, policyholders are paid the full agreed-upon value when the policy was written (less applicable deductible), without any further deduction for depreciation.

Compared to traditional car insurance coverage, which will only provide coverage up to the current market value of the car, this type of coverage provides the full agreed upon value of your vehicle in the event of a total loss (after any applicable deductible). Get a full coverage plan with insurance rates that work with you.

Mileage Plans

Regular auto insurance companies estimate your annual mileage to determine your insurance premium. We work with insurance carriers where you choose a mileage plan to suit your driving habits.


Automatically qualify for discounts for mature drivers, safety features, garage security, positive driving records, and more. and more. Higher-value collections can also get a discount.

Towing & Labor for Collectors

We work with insurance companies make towing and labor affordable to add onto your policy. Plus, additional benefits like emergency roadside assistance are included in all packages.

Inflation Guard

In the event of a covered total loss to your Exotic; we work with companies who offer Inflation Guard that adjusts the Agreed Value of the vehicle up to a higher %.

Spare Parts Coverage

We work with insurance companies who offer spare parts coverage at no additional cost, where policyholders are covered for up to $X for loss or damages for “spare parts.” Whether you are replacing parts yourself or going to an experienced repair shop, we work with carriers who have you covered.

Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired Vehicles

Adding to your collection? We work with insurance companies that offer automatic coverage for up to 30 days for qualifying uninsured collectible vehicles purchased during the policy term.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

If you have two or more collector cars, you can receive a multi-vehicle discount on your policy.